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There is a big challenge in the development of this satellite. It is to achieve development alone. It is like climbing a mountain alone. Of course I want to get advice from the outside. Japan has the best parts development ability and technology, and I want many development partners in the world. Also, because of the lack of funding, I need to develop satellites at low cost. And, I do in the company, so we need to create a space business.

I will summarize my current satellite development and launch missions.

1) To develop Japan's first PocketQube satellite at low cost, launch and gain know-how

2) Experiment of satellite communication using IoT network LoRa

3) Experiment of Japan observation (image, data)

4) Spread PocketQube in Japan, business create, education etc


Fortunately, I used to study X-ray astronomy and high energy astrophysics at JAXA in Japan, when I was a student. I was blessed with the opportunity to develop a satellite-mounted detector. I think that there are some things that can not be achieved with PocketQube due to various limitations. However, if the parts are cheaper and smaller, lighter and consume less power, PocketQube believes that it may be possible to do various things from scientific research (astrophysics, astrobiology, etc.) to satellite business.

<History and Expertise>

2019:Addition of articles of incorporation

- R&D, sales, consulting and education related to aerospace, Robots/IoT, Bio/longevity

2016:Establishment of Libertylife LLC

- Real estate business including private nights

2015:Started real estate business as a sole proprietor


Currently working for a major Japanese IT company

- Researching the world's most advanced technologies and business models

- Experience in business strategy development

- Experience in IT system construction as a system engineer

- Experience in product planning and development of communication devices for global carriers

Studied space R&D at JAXA

- Observation of clusters of galaxies and gamma-ray burst by X-ray astronomical satellites

- R&D of detectors mounted on X-ray astronomical satellites

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